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Scooter Related

Why Electric? -

Kids- Some of the coolest new designs are electric, They are fast, and fun with the best features like swing arm suspensions. And best yet, your parents will probably go for one of these even though they don't think your old enough for a scooter, Just let them know how clean and quiet they are and that there is almost no maintenance unlike a gas scooter which needs you to mix oil with the gas and can be a greasy mess.

Adults - Enjoy the silence and freedom an electric scooter brings. Electric powered scooters are nearly silent, Excellent for local transportation, and free from annoying smells and noise. Your neighbors and friends will love your choice and will probably get a scooter once they see how much fun and trouble free your scooter is. With an electric scooter you can reduce your transportation costs and if your in a large city possibly eliminate your need to own a car. Just imagine, no $1.85gal gas!

How Far Can I Go? -

Most Electric Scooters have a range of about 10 miles under average conditions. It is very easy to add additional batteries to "extend" your range and there are several scooters with a stock range of over 15 miles. Many scooters have removable battery packs that can be brought indoors for charging, an excellent solution is to charge your batteries at work (for free) if your commute is near the batteries limit in one direction

.If you need a scooter to go farther than it does stock, give us a call, we can add a custom battery pack to your scooter to suit your needs.


How Long Will The Battery Last? -

Sealed Lead Acid Batteries last approximately 300 charge cycles which means that if you are using your scooter to travel to work each day, you will need to replace your batteries once a year on average. Contrary to popular belief they are not very expensive nor difficult to replace. Scooter batteries usually range between $25 and $35 and are as easy to replace as plugging in your toaster.


How Much Does It Cost To Operate? -

The usual cost to recharge a Scooter is 10 to 15 cents per day, or the equivalent of 1.5 gallons of gas per month! Once you factor in the cost of batteries the daily cost reaches about 32 cents! (2 $35 batteries and 13 cents per day charging)


Charging My Scooter -

To charge your scooter simply turn it off, plug the charger into the wall, and then connect the charger to the scooters charging port. All the scooters we sell employ smart chargers, meaning that you can't overcharge your scooter. The batteries will last much longer if they are kept fully charged at all times so it is recommended that you charge your scooter as soon as you have finished using it - this applies to Sealed Lead Acid batteries only (99% of electric scooters use SLA batteries), Nicad and Nimh batteries require different care.


Caring For My Scooter -

Maintaining a scooter is similar to maintaining a bicycle and just as easy

1. Keep your batteries charged per the manufacturers instruction
2. Keep the brakes and drive properly adjusted
3. Make sure to check tire pressure frequently - low pressure will greatly affect your distance and speed
4. Lubricate the scooter per manufactures instruction
5. Periodically check all nuts and bolts for proper tightness
6. Adjust / tighten wheel spokes if you have spoked wheels
7. Periodically check all electrical connections and wires

see scooter mods for how to instructions


Where Can I Use My Scooter -

Most states allow electric scooters on low speed roadways - it is best to check with your local police and city government for any ordinances regarding electric scooters. Bicycle paths are an excellent roadway for scooters, your local bike shop probably has maps of all the paths in your city.


Company Policies

Every effort will be made to make sure you are happy with your scooter purchase - if you have any reservations about your scooter choice please call us before you make your purchase - we will be happy to suggest a scooter to fit your needs and answer any question you may have.


General -

We request your telephone number when you order online. If you do not give us your telephone number we have no way other than your payment email address to contact you. Every effort will be made to contact you as soon as possible if we expect delays or have questions regarding your order. We cannot be responsible for any delays if there are questions that need to be answered before shipping and we are unable to contact you. PLEASE SUPPLY US WITH A WORKING PHONE NUMBER AND CHECK YOUR EMAIL AFTER PLACING YOUR ORDER!

Privacy -

Your privacy is very important to us, We do not share, sell, or distribute any client information outside of SDScooters.

Warranty -

Each scooter comes with a manufacturers warranty unless otherwise stated - most are for 90 days. This might seem like a short warranty period, but like all electrical products you will most likely experience a malfunction within the first couple of days of use. You will void your warranty if the scooter is used improperly, abused or modified. All the electric scooters we sell are intended for use by one person at a time. They are not intended to be jumped, ridden in water, ridden off curbs or in any manner which may damage the scooter. Please refer to the manufactures warranty included with your scooter for a more detailed warranty description


Returns - Exchanges- Refunds -


General - We are not Amazon and do not have the liberal return policies of this type of company. Every effort will be made to make sure you make a good choice and are happy with your purchase, we do not expect that you will need to return your scooter. Please call before making your purchase if you have any questions regarding your choice. The scooters we sell are high quality from reputable manufacturers / importers and are not prone to problems.

Refunds - are only permitted on undamaged, unopened merchandise within 15days of receipt. All shipping costs are the purchasers responsibility.

Returns - are accepted only in new condition with original packaging. A return authorization number is required for all returns, any scooter or part sent to us without an RMA prominently displayed on the packaging will be refused. The purchaser will be responsible for all shipping costs and a $25.00 restocking fee for any purchase up to $200.00 and 10% for any purchase above $201.00

Exchanges - Under certian circumstances we are willing to exchange your scooter for another model. If this is the case, you will be responsible for any difference in cost as well as all shipping expenses. The exchanged scooter is expected to be in new condition and original packaging when we receive it, you will be charged for any use and wear and the labor required to return the scooter to saleable condition at the rate of $45.00 per hour.


Payment Methods -

We accept many methods of payments

Online Payments-

Payments can be made via PayPal and BillPoint, These Secure Payment Services accept Debit Cards, Electronic Checks, American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover.

Off-line Payments-

By Phone

We accept payment by phone with Visa and Mastercard

Orders By Mail

We accept payment by Cashiers Check - Only United States Post Cashiers Checks Are Accepted. There will be a few days delay when making payments this way. If you do send us a Cashiers Check, please send us an Email to let us know that it is on its way - you will also need to let us know what you are ordering.


We can help you purchase a scooter with online layaway payments - ask us how!


International Orders -

We accept international orders - Online payments only are accepted. You will be responsible for any duties, taxes and extra shipping costs. You will also be responsible for making sure that it is possible to have a scooter shipped to your country, if your scooter is blocked at customs you will be held responsible for the scooter purchase and any other expenses. We will make every effort to ship a scooter to you in a manner that you prefer. It is possible to have the scooter arrive as soon as 3 days after your purchase and as long as 60 days later depending upon the shipping you prefer to pay for. Please email us with your request prior to placing an order and make sure to check regulations governing electric scooters and their use in your country. For EU buyers an excellent source of information is www.extraenergy.org



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